Ford Kuga Stänkskydd

1 185 kr


Stänklappar med originalutseende till Ford Kuga 2013 och framåt.
Tillverkade att följa Kugans kaross. Medföljer monteringsdetaljer.
- Passar ej bilar med Titanium Sport paketet.

These quality styled mud flaps for the Ford Kuga 2013 onwards models are made from only the finest materials; the mud flaps/splash guards are built to last!
These are not a universal fitment like some that you will see but are individually tailored to fit this vehicle.
Enhance the look of your car while protecting the paint work from dirt and preventing stone chip damage.
These mud flaps are all made from premium quality semi rigid plastic.
Contoured to the shape of the new Ford Kuga wheel arches and fits to the existing mounting points on the body/arches.

Fits to the wheel arches. All fittings are supplied: drilling may be required.
How To Fit:

  • Remove the 3 plastic clips holding onto the vehicle body kit.
  • Position the mud flaps and fit into place.
  • Reinsert the clips onto the mud flap.The same process is used for both front and rear mud flaps, without any need for removing the wheels or additional screws, as these are supplied in the kit.