Trailing Arm skydd - CAN-AM

1 795 kr

Rokblokz TRAILING ARM GUARDS are designed to protect the rear end (brakes, suspension, wheels, and trailing arm) components from the incredibly damaging front-tire roost. Especially in rocky or gravel terrain. (Check out desert racers, most use some form of trailing arm rock guard.)

  • Easy install, the V2 option simply clamps over trailing arm. No drilling or modifying required. Our V3 option bolts to the side of the trailing arm using the sway bar end link bolt and pre existing hole in the 72" wide models
  • Super durable. You can fold these up to the frame sliding over a big boulder and they'll return to their original shape.
  • Each kit comes with 2 flaps, stainless steel brackets, and hardware to mount on both trailing arms.
  • Large enough to offer the most protection to the rear end components.

Mounting Brackets: Available in your choice of raw aluminum or matte black.

Fits stock trailing arms.

*Our RED is more of a "COKE RED" and doesn't match CAN-AM'S RED at all. In fact it clashes pretty bad. Looks great on the TRIPLE BLACK machines though. Our ORANGE is very orange and also doesn't match the Can-Am colors. ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS ON THE COLORED FLAPS.